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2014-02-20-pic.jpgWe're only a matter of weeks into 2014, but there have already been promising developments to fix our nation's elections system and make it easier to register to vote. By the beginning of 2014, at least 21 states had established or were in the process of establishing online voter registration systems. This means that 100 million, or nearly 50 percent of, all eligible voters in the nation will live in states that provide this easy and convenient way to register to vote. According to new research by the Pew Charitable Trusts, online voter registration provides great benefits for voters and election workers alike. The benefits of online registration are so great, in fact, that the bipartisan Presidential Commission on Election Administration (PCEA) has taken notice. In January, the PCEA released a report recommending that states adopt online registration.

Online voter registration is a critical step to bringing our voting systems into the 21st century, however, most of the systems implemented thus far leave out a significant and important part of the population - citizens who don't have a driver's license or non-driver's ID. The League is committed to ensuring that every eligible voter can register and update their registration through online systems.

Why We Need Secure Online Voter Registration

Secure online voter registration is one of five key election administration reforms that the League believes are critical to making our elections as free, fair and accessible as possible. Pew's study confirms that online registration saves taxpayer dollars, increases the accuracy of voter rolls and provides an easy and convenient option for citizens who need to register to vote or update their information. Pew found that online voter registration increases voter satisfaction, with polling data showing that 65 percent of registered voters support allowing online voter registration - likely due to the system's ease and convenience. Online voter registration also decreases the administrative burden caused by the need for officials to re-enter information from handwritten forms and eliminates the risk of transcription errors.

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Popular Q&A

how to apply for voter card id through online? | Yahoo Answers

Voter ID cards are issued by the Election Commission.
You can look for announcements in the papers for issue of fresh ones in your area. They always announce the date and venue area-wise to apply for the card. You can take with you an identity card like bank pass book, license or passport and approach them on the appointed date.
There is no shortcut or alternative in this regard and this is done specific to each state, so you must contact the commission in your home state.
Good luck!!
EJ Kudelka

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