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event management with online registration formSo, you’ve decided to organize an event to nurture your business. That’s terrific! Events are an amazing way to create awareness for your brand, connect with your audience, get feedback on your products and more. But. How do you make it all run smoothly and turn your online registration form into a stream of attendees? Let’s roll up our sleeves and see what important steps are to follow.

Step 1: Design the concept with your audience in mind

Ideas make the world go round and concepts help them take shape and move your event planning in the right direction. In order to outline an insightful concept you have to first define your target audience. Doing this will help you spell out good reasons for people to show up. What type of industry do they come from? What are their topics of interest? What knowledge or curiosity gaps can your business fill in?

Step 2: Set up SMARTer goals. Budget wisely!

A successful event doesn’t just happen. It’s based on clear objectives that state why you are doing this. Whether your goals are to boost customer loyalty, shake that lead generation or grow your brand awareness, shape them well. Every decision after that should support your main goal.

Place along with that another objective – spend the budget wisely. Make a thorough list of all the expenses and then highlight areas where you think you need some sponsorship. Keep close a partnership agreement form and work with other brands and partners in order to save more

Step 3: Create the agenda

In here come the organizing questions – how & when & who. How everything is set up, when certain things will happen and who will take care that everything will come off the right way, at the right time. Good team members with different skills are needed at this point. They can help with everything from preparing schedules and budgets, to making invitations and posters, to welcoming in guests. Want further resources to help you on this matter? Here’s a roundup.

Step 4: Think multi-channel when marketing your event

Nowadays, spreading the word about your upcoming event has become really accessible with the multitude of tools and platforms available out there.

So, start early and start with the obvious – a landing page for your event, fully optimized and registration friendly. Dive into social with Facebook events and helpful Twitter apps for events like TweetMyEvents or TweetVite. Consider setting up a unique and creative hashtag. Bring in the interaction factor during your event and conduct real time online polls to find out what people think about the discussed topics. Awesome statistics could spring out of these polls.

Go further and use e-mail teasers to give a preview of what’s to come at the main event and don’t forget the journalists and bloggers. When it comes down to reaching them, try to avoid hard sales pitches and offer relevant and worthy information.

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