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2010 Census Reapportionment: Illinois lost one electoral vote, giving it 20 through the 2020 presidential election. This is the 4th consecutive Census where Illinois has lost at least one electoral vote.

Illinois became a state in December 1818. Largely Republican from the Civil War through the 1920s, the state voted Democratic throughout the Great Depression and World War II, then returned to the Republicans for eight out of 10 elections from 1952 through 1988. Illinois has voted Democratic in the last six elections. In 2012, Barack Obama easily beat Mitt Romney 58% to 41%. With 20 electoral votes, the state is the largest electoral prize in the Midwest, although nearby Ohio, with 18, gets much more visibility in the general election thanks to the fact that it is much more of a battleground state. Like many other northern industrial states, Illinois has lost electoral influence as its population has not grown with the rest of the country. The state has lost more than 25% of its electoral votes since peaking at 29 during the 1930s.

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The Sage Of Sinnissippi. Being A Brief Sketch Of The Life Of Congressman Frank Orren Lowden, Of Oregon, Illinois, Brief Sketches Of His Rivals In Political Battles, A Short Article Relating To His Availability As A Presidential Candidate For 1908, And An Official And Authentic Account Of State Elections In Illinois, Statistically, Combined With A Roll Of Honor Of The Nation, The State, The County, And The Village, The Home Of The Author
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Who won the 2012 Presidential election?

Barack Obama 2012 Presidential Campaign

When will the presidential election be in 2012?

The United States presidential election of 2012 will be held on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. It will be the 57th quadrennial presidential election. The winner is based on who wins 270 of the possible 538 Electoral College votes.

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