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Formstack Integrates with Google AnalyticsNew to Formstack? Getting accustomed to the latest conversion optimization features of our Platinum plan?

Whether you’re new to form building and conversion rate optimization or simply need a refresher course, get up to speed by following these nine quick steps.

1. Customize your domain
Customizing your subdomain will allow you to brand your forms’ URLs. Adding your company’s name to the links you share with users is a great way to establish trust and be seen as legitimate.

2. Build your first branded theme
If you’re new to Formstack, the theme builder is about to become your best friend. This time-saving tool makes it easy to create templates that incorporate your brand’s logos, colors and more. You can use the in-app theme gallery, start from scratch or add custom CSS styles. Create a theme once and apply it to as many forms as you like!

3. Set your benchmarks
Whatever your goals may be—drive more orders, capture more leads, increase registrations—setting benchmarks early will help your team stay on track and ensure you’re getting a real return on investment. If you’re not sure where to start, these Form Conversion Rate Benchmarks and the Form Conversion Report are two good places to start.

4. Use our guides to build your first form
Whether it’s an event registration, lead generation form, student survey or another type of form, the Formstack blog is packed with tips and tutorials to make sure you maximize every form-building feature you need to create high-converting forms.

5. Set up integrations and plugins

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