Missouri General Election

Having funJEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri Right to Life Political Action Committee released their endorsements for the general election this weekend, less than 10 days after pro-life group’s victories at veto session to triple the mandatory waiting period for abortions to 72 hours and to increase tax credits for pregnancy resource centers.

The group endorsed 104 candidates among 102 races, including 7 congressional seats, 1 statewide office, 5 state senate races, and 89 House races.

Pro-life groups reliably turn out a strong grassroots bloc in Missouri and abortion is considered one of the largest single-issue voting platforms among voters in the state, effectively making MRL endorsements a necessity for Republicans and moderate Democrats.

Though the group is nonpartisan, only a handful of Democrats have been endorsed, including Senate candidate Ed Schieffer (District 10) and House candidates Mike Waltemath (2nd District), Dan Dildine (41st District), Rep.general Keith English (District 68), Ben Harris (District 118), and Zech Hockersmith (District 120). No federal endorsements for Democratic candidates were made. Senate District 10 and House District 41 are the only races to have endorsements for both candidates.

Other than encouraging their members to support the endorsed candidates at the polls, the group has several fall events, including a Forty Days for Life rally and vigil in Columbia on Tuesday, a pro-life forum at Missouri Western State University on Thursday, and the 27th National Life Chain in October– which organizes people standing beside main streets.

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When is missouri's general election?

November 4! Super Tuesday!
Another View:
In the US, every state's general election occurs on the same day: Tuesday following the first Monday in November (the date could be as early as November 2, or as late as November 8).
Super Tuesday refers to the primary election in February or March of a presidential election year when the greatest number of states hold their primaries.

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